The Fate of Essay Writing Industry in Kenya: A Case Study

This case study delves into the dynamics of the academic writing sector in Kenya, exploring its growth, challenges, and the evolving landscape that has impacted the fate of this lucrative industry.

15th November 2023, 1:37 PM
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In recent years, Kenya has gained international attention for its thriving essay writing industry, serving as a significant source of income for many Kenyan freelancers.

This case study delves into the dynamics of the academic writing sector in Kenya, exploring its growth, challenges, and the evolving landscape that has impacted the fate of this lucrative industry in recent years.


The essay writing industry in Kenya has been a major economic lifeline for a considerable number of Kenyans, providing employment opportunities in a country where job opportunities can be scarce.

Freelancers, commonly known as academic writers, have been able to leverage their proficiency in English and academic subjects to cater to a global market seeking assistance with various academic tasks.

Growth and Prosperity

The academic writing industry in Kenya has experienced substantial growth, fueled by the increasing demand for academic content from students and professionals worldwide.

As highlighted in the article "Academic Writing: The Millionaire-Making Industry in Kenya", the financial rewards of essay writing have attracted hundreds of thousands of Kenyans, making a good number of them millionaires.

The industry has also seen a good number of individual freelancers quit their white collar jobs to start their own academic writing agencies in an bid to have a taste of the pie.

Key Drivers of Growth

English Proficiency: Kenya's status as an English-speaking nation has been a crucial factor in the success of its academic writing industry. The ability to write fluently in English, combined with a strong academic background, made Kenyan writers highly sought after in the international market.

Access to Technology: The widespread availability of the internet and technology in Kenya facilitated easy access to online platforms where academic writers could connect with clients from around the world.

The emergence of marketplaces like Essay WP Themes also made it easier for freelancers to launch their own websites where they could offer their services directly to students worldwide. This digital infrastructure played a pivotal role in the industry's expansion.

Challenges and Controversies

While the essay writing industry has brought economic opportunities, it has also faced challenges and controversies in recent years. Plagiarism, unethical practices, and exploitation of writers by more established writers have all tarnished the industry's reputation.

Additionally, concerns have been raised about the impact of academic writing on the education system, with critics arguing that it undermined the integrity of academic institutions.

Changing Dynamics

In recent years, the fate of the essay writing industry in Kenya has seen a negative shift due to several factors:

Increased Scrutiny: International academic institutions and platforms began implementing stricter measures to detect and penalize plagiarism, leading to a decline in demand for pre-written essays and plagiarized content.

Regulatory Measures: Governments and educational bodies in Kenya and abroad have started taking steps to regulate and monitor the academic writing industry, and the freelance network in general, imposing legal measures on tax evasion and other for unethical practices. This has scared off a good number of writers to switch to other opportunities.

Educational Campaigns: There has been a growing awareness of the negative impact of academic dishonesty, prompting educational institutions to emphasize academic integrity and discourage the use of essay mills. Quora and LinkedIn are among the most vocal platforms for such campaigns.

Artificial Intelligence: In this modern age of A.I, coupled with tough economic times across the world, more students are opting to rely on A.I tools such as ChatGPT to generate their essays.

Even with the emergence of A.I detection tools such as the famous Turnitin, the latest GPT engine, GPT 4, is quite powerful and with the right prompts, can generate human-like essays.

Some students also prefer to use the A.I tools for research only and then rewrite the papers. This reduced dependence on freelance essay writers has slowly seen the death of a once lucrative industry.


The essay writing industry in Kenya has undergone a significant transformation, influenced by increased scrutiny, regulatory measures, and changing attitudes towards academic integrity.

While the industry remains a source of income for many, the challenges it faces underscore the importance of ethical considerations and the need for sustainable practices to ensure the long-term viability of academic writing in Kenya.

As the landscape continues to evolve with the growth of A.I, it is essential for freelancers to collaborate more in finding solutions that balance economic opportunities with academic integrity and changing technology.

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