Emily's Echo

“Emily’s Echo is a poignant tale of a family’s unexpected encounter with the paranormal after a tragic loss”

1st January 2024, 7:25 AM
2 min read

Ten years ago, a chilling event unfolded that would forever change our family’s perspective on the paranormal. This is the true story of my cousin, whom we’ll call “Emily,” and the eerie occurrences at our Aunt “Maggie’s” house.

Emily, a lively teenager with long brown hair, always wore her signature outfit: a red baseball cap, denim dungarees, and a white jacket. She was incredibly close to Aunt Maggie and often babysat her young children. Tragically, Emily’s life was cut short in a car crash when she was just 18.

Around the time of Emily’s passing, Aunt Maggie’s house was undergoing construction. The work continued even after the tragic incident. One day, while at work, Aunt Maggie received a strange phone call from a construction worker. He complained about a teenage girl who kept appearing at the construction site. This had been happening several times a week for the past few weeks.

Intrigued and slightly annoyed, Aunt Maggie asked for a description of the girl. The worker’s description sent chills down her spine. The girl had long brown hair, wore a red baseball cap, denim dungarees, and a white jacket - an exact match to Emily’s usual attire.

When Aunt Maggie returned home, she showed the workers a picture of Emily. They all agreed - the girl they had seen wandering the site was Emily. This revelation sent shockwaves through our family, a family that had never before believed in the paranormal.

This true ghost story serves as a reminder that sometimes, those we lose may not be as far away as we think. Whether it’s a sign of the afterlife or simply a manifestation of our grief, experiences like these keep us wondering about the mysteries of life and death.

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1st January 2024
7:25 AM
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